Identification of the heating model plastic injection molding machines

TitleIdentification of the heating model plastic injection molding machines
AuthorsD. V. Ivanov1, A. V. Ivanov1, I. L. Sandler1, N. V. Chertykovtseva1
1Identification of the heating model plastic injection molding machines
AnnotationThe injection molding is one of the main technological processes in the production of plastic. The complete cycle of the injection molding machine consists of several stages. The first of the above stages - the heating up - is characterized by unproductive labor and energy resources . To increase the efficiency of the extrusion heating mode, an appropriate mathematical model is needed. Most of the currently known scientific papers devoted to this issue are aimed at developing algorithms for identifying first-order mathematical models with delay or second-order delay. These models describe an object with lumped parameters, which is a rather crude assumption in modeling the extruder heating process. The aim of the paper is to develop a method for identifying an plastic injection molding heating model based on equations with fractional-order differences in the presence of errors in measurements. The paper shows that an object with an irrational transfer function can be approximated by equations with fractional-order differences. A mathematical model of the plastic engine molding heating model in the form of a linear equation with fractional-order differences is proposed. This model was compared with models of output error and ARX (autoregressive with exogenous input) models of integer order, whose identification algorithms are implemented in the Matlab extension, Identification toolbox. The experiments carried out showed that models based on equations with fractional-order differences have higher accuracy. The models and algorithms proposed in the paper for identifying the heating of engine molding machine can serve as a basis for the creation of new highly efficient control systems.
KeywordsInjection molding machines, parametric identification, fractional difference Order, the model of the output error, least squares (LS), temperature control
CitationIvanov D. V., Ivanov A. V., Sandler I. L., Chertykovtseva N. V. ''Identification of the heating model plastic injection molding machines'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XIII International scientific conference ''Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling''. (Saransk, July 12-16, 2017). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2017. - pp. 210-218. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/deamm2017/papers/paper30.pdf. - Date of access: 29.05.2024.