Modeling the combustion processes of a tangentially swirled fuel-air mixture

TitleModeling the combustion processes of a tangentially swirled fuel-air mixture
AuthorsU. J. Mizher1
1Ulyanovsk State Technical University
AnnotationThe search and development of alternative energy sources to ensure human life is a priority task for modern society. One of the promising areas is the use of biogas as a source of thermal energy for power plants. It has been established that the main difference between biogas and natural gas is caused by the presence of more than 30\% carbon dioxide in its composition, which affects the density, calorific value and flame propagation speed. For the combustion of biogas in modern power plants operating on natural gas, it is necessary to modify the burners. For a qualitative modification of burners, it is necessary to have theoretical data on the effective modes of combustion of biogas. The paper presents a turbulence model $k$ - $\varepsilon$ (realizable), which is based on the system of partial differential equations, which makes it possible to simulate the combustion of natural gas and biogas with tangential air swirling. The qualitative characteristics of biogas are presented, which make it possible to analyze and develop the theory of efficient combustion of biogas in power plants.
Keywordsaerohydrodynamics, swirl jet, emissions, temperature, natural gas, biogas, computer model, ANSYS Fluent.
CitationMizher U. J. ''Modeling the combustion processes of a tangentially swirled fuel-air mixture'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the International Scientific Youth School-Seminar "Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software complexes" named after E.V. Voskresensky (Saransk, October 8-11, 2020). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2020. - pp. 247-251. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/2020/papers/article13.pdf. - Date of access: 04.12.2023.