Dynamic model of reforestation works

TitleDynamic model of reforestation works
AuthorsI. U. Zulkarnay1
1Bashkir State University
AnnotationDuring the reforms of the forestry sector in the 1990s, New forest management institutions were adopted, largely borrowed from the Canadian experience. In particular, leasing institutions, whereas in most countries, the sale of standing timber is based on private or public ownership of the forest. In the course of these institutions, it was found that private logging companies do not exercise the required reforestation works in accordance with the lease agreements. This paper is devoted to building a model of reforestation on the basis of the "soft modeling" approach proposed by Academician Arnold. The model takes into account the volume of logging and the state order for new forests that go beyond deforestation during harvesting. The complexity of solving this problem is due to the fact that the planted forests reach the maturity stage in 80-120 years, which makes the whole system of differential equations cross-temporal.
Keywords"soft" Arnold models, reforestation, forestry, modeling
CitationZulkarnay I. U. ''Dynamic model of reforestation works'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XIII International scientific conference ''Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling''. (Saransk, July 12-16, 2017). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2017. - pp. 181-184. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/deamm2017/papers/paper25.pdf. - Date of access: 29.05.2024.