Mathematical modeling of gas-liquid mixture flow

TitleMathematical modeling of gas-liquid mixture flow
AuthorsV. N. Petrov1, V. I. Anfinogentov2, S. L. Malyshev1, L. A. Akhmetzyanova1, S. V. Petrov3
1Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Research Institute of Flow
2Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev-KAI)»
3Ltd. "BRiZ"
AnnotationThe paper presents a mathematical flow model describing the transportation of crude oil from a licensed area to a petroleum production facility. Dissolved associated petroleum gas during transportation of oil is released into free state, forming a gas-liquid mixture, which leads to additional systemic error. The proposed method of calculation makes it possible to determine the structure of the investigated flow and to understand the physics of the formation of a systematic error
Keywordsmathematical model, error, crude oil, free oil gas
CitationPetrov V. N., Anfinogentov V. I., Malyshev S. L., Akhmetzyanova L. A., Petrov S. V. ''Mathematical modeling of gas-liquid mixture flow'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XIII International scientific conference ''Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling''. (Saransk, July 12-16, 2017). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2017. - pp. 131-140. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/deamm2017/papers/paper19.pdf. - Date of access: 25.04.2024.