Stability of the forest development's mathematical model

TitleStability of the forest development's mathematical model
AuthorsA. A. Shalaeva1, T. F. Mamedova1, D. K. Egorova1
1National Research Mordovia State University
AnnotationA mathematical model of forest development is presented. The model can be used for numerical simulation of the system in order to study the stability of the solution to continuous disturbances and search for the parameters of the model with controls.
Keywordsmathematical model, Lotka-Volterra model, forest, system of ordinary differential equations, stability
CitationShalaeva A. A., Mamedova T. F., Egorova D. K. ''Stability of the forest development's mathematical model'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XVI International scientific conference "Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling". (Saransk, July 17-20, 2023). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2023. - pp. 253-255. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/2023/papers/paper40.pdf. - Date of access: 02.12.2023.