Particle Chain Dynamics in a Shear Fluid Flow

TitleParticle Chain Dynamics in a Shear Fluid Flow
AuthorsS. I. Martynov1, L. Y. Tkach1
1Surgut State University
AnnotationThe results of numerical simulation of the dynamics of a chain of particles in a shear flow of a viscous fluid along a flat wall are presented. It is assumed that the particles in the chain can be displaced relative to each other so that the distance between two neighboring particles remains constant. The case is considered when the initial shape of the chain is a coil, and then, due to the influence of the shear flow of the liquid and the collective interaction between the particles, it is deformed, acquiring a new shape. The collective interaction of particles in a chain occurs due to the forces of hydrodynamic interaction between them. The dynamics of chain deformation is calculated taking into account the impact of the flow on particles and their collective interaction. The results of the simulation of the chain dynamics are given taking into account the above effects. The equilibrium shape of a chain of particles in a liquid flow is found.
Keywordsnumerical simulation, viscous liquid, collective interaction of particles, chain, deformation
CitationMartynov S. I., Tkach L. Y. ''Particle Chain Dynamics in a Shear Fluid Flow'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XVI International scientific conference "Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling". (Saransk, July 17-20, 2023). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2023. - pp. 147-154. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/2023/papers/paper23.pdf. - Date of access: 22.06.2024.