Hydrodynamic mechanism of movement of micro-/nanomotor with magnetic drive

TitleHydrodynamic mechanism of movement of micro-/nanomotor with magnetic drive
AuthorsS. I. Martynov1, L. Y. Tkach1
1Surgut State University
AnnotationThe hydrodynamic mechanism of movement of a model of a micro-/nanomotor with a magnetic drive is considered. The motor is a chain of three spherical particles of different sizes with an electric charge holding them together. The total charge of the system is zero. One or two extreme particles in the chain have a magnetic moment. The chain is in a viscous liquid and is acted upon by a rotating magnetic field. In the absence of an external field, the particles are in equilibrium, which corresponds to the minimum interaction energy. After turning on the rotating magnetic field, particles with a magnetic moment begin to rotate, forming a flow in the surrounding viscous fluid. The fluid flow causes a hydrodynamic force that moves the chain in a specific direction. Numerical simulation of the dynamics of six model chains with one rotating particle and one chain with two rotating particles is carried out. The calculations take into account the effect on particles of an external moment from a rotating magnetic field, the forces of hydrodynamic interaction of particles with each other, as well as internal forces that hold the particles together. The parameters of the magnetic field and the structure of the chain for the fastest movement of the chain have been determined. The proposed chain movement mechanism can be used to design micro-/nanomotors and control them to the place of payload delivery.
Keywordsnumerical modeling, viscous fluid, micro-/nanomotor, hydrodynamic interaction, interaction energy, magnetic field
CitationMartynov S. I., Tkach L. Y. ''Hydrodynamic mechanism of movement of micro-/nanomotor with magnetic drive'' [Electronic resource]. Proceedings of the XV International scientific conference "Differential equations and their applications in mathematical modeling". (Saransk, July 15-18, 2021). Saransk: SVMO Publ, 2021. - pp. 168-179. Available at: https://conf.svmo.ru/files/2021/papers/article05.pdf. - Date of access: 24.07.2024.